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Sometimes, there really is a right and wrong way.

Yeah… I get it. They’re humiliating Joe Citizen, yada, yada. And revenge is sweet, and let’s see how they like it, and all that jazz. But two wrongs don’t make a right. And it’s not all TSA workers. These are just the ones we’re hearing about.

Video: TSA Strip Searches Young Boy for No Apparent Reason

Before the video started the boy went through a metal detector and didn’t set it off but was selected for a pat down. The boy was shy so the TSA couldn’t complete the full pat on the young boy. The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn’t end up being enough for the guy. I was about 30 ft away so i couldn’t hear their conversation if there was any. The enraged father pulled his son shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent to search, thats when this video begins.

National Opt-Out Day: Boycotting the Body Scan in the Name of Privacy

The goal of National Opt-Out Day is to send a message to our lawmakers that we demand change. We have a right to privacy and buying a plane ticket should not mean that we’re guilty until proven innocent. This day is needed because many people do not understand what they consent to when choosing to fly.

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