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I don’t hate you, Feminism. You just get on my nerves, sometimes.

Last year (I love saying that in January, as if what I’m talking about was more than a few weeks ago.), I posted about feminist fanatics refusing to look at reality when it hurts their cause. A while ago, the opinion of this bitch on the intarwebs prompted me to write feminist organizations asking for […]

Do you really know what you profess to believe in?

I don’t usually get involved in religious debates.  It’s like arguing on the internet, from where I stand.  Everyone has their own reasons for believing what they do, and, without some serious proof that they’re wrong, they’re not going to just change their beliefs because someone who believes differently says they should. I guess, at […]

Propaganda Sucks in All Directions

This post (and another that I’ll probably work on later today) has been rattling around in my head for days, but I was having trouble figuring out how to put it all down without being too offensive. I finally just decided I don’t really care if someone takes offense. I know a couple feminists. I’m […]

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