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VIDEO: President Obama Openly Discusses the Senate’s Failure

“So all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.” ~@BarackObama

Stand for Democracy

If you’re for a democracy where the legislators you voted into office will stand up for your beliefs, your desires, your rights, vote in your local election in 2014, and vote these Senators out.

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Communication Breakdown: The not-so-fine line between insulting and informative.

Just like us liberals, conservatives have the right to make up their own minds about every topic we, as a society, have deemed politically relevant. And we’re assholes for trying to bully them into changing them, all the while crying about them bullying us.


Dear People Screaming for @RushLimbaugh’s Freedom of Speech:

You’re right. Rush Limbaugh absolutely has the right to say whatever disgusting thought that comes into his ignorant, pea-sized brain, thanks to the First Amendment I utilize every day. But guess what. So. Do. I.

Colbert on Jesus

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