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No! I have no idea why people are killing each other in Schenectady!

And this is how violence in the ghetto starts. Person A harasses Person B for some perceived offense that may or may not be real. Person B tries to get law enforcement to do something about Person A but law enforcement refuses. Then finally, at his wits’ end, Person B loses control and does something to Person A. And the cops blame it on the neighborhood, or the drugs, or poverty when the reality is they refuse to step in until the situation has erupted into violence, and someone’s hurt or dead.


I am not politically correct. Sorry for the confusion.

So often, growing up, I heard that it’s wrong to see color. That classifying people is dangerous. That it not only hurts our country’s ability to be a community, but it hurt’s the feelings of the people who are being classified. And I always thought, “Why does it hurt someone’s feelings to be who they are?”

Get better editors! This means YOU, news stations!

When I was a kid, it was a popular practice to assign students (I typed “stupid” first.  Wtf?) current events reports.  The teachers would send us home and make us read or watch the news, and then write a report on what we learned. I wasn’t really allowed to watch much news.  My parents tried […]

I can’t bring myself to hate Oprah.

A friend of mine linked to an article on entitled Ten Good Reasons to Hate Oprah.  The basic points of the list, for those who don’t have time to read it all (it’s lengthy), are as follows: Her idea of happiness involves a lot of spending At heart, her show is a gawk-fest She […]

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