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My Husband: Solving Violent Crime with Logic

“You know, I just don’t see the point,” he said. I looked up from what I was doing to see what he was talking about. As usual, he’d read some news story while I was feeding the animals and getting his breakfast ready. “What, baby?” “I don’t get these people! They get themselves all worked […]


Changing the World

I recently joined a web site that deals mostly with conspiracy theories. As expected, there’s a lot of posts on this site that are just so far out of the realm of reality that I find it hard to believe people actually believe them. There was a post this morning where someone asked what each […]

On Infallibility, Calenders and Scientific Proof; or “The Bible’s Conundrum”

First and foremost, I would like to say I have nothing against Christians and I do not believe they all fall under the category of fanatics.  I also don’t personally have anything against Christian fanatics.  I just wish some of them would learn the truth about what they’re fanatical about. Someone recently pointed out to […]

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