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Communication Breakdown: The not-so-fine line between insulting and informative.

Just like us liberals, conservatives have the right to make up their own minds about every topic we, as a society, have deemed politically relevant. And we’re assholes for trying to bully them into changing them, all the while crying about them bullying us.


I am not politically correct. Sorry for the confusion.

So often, growing up, I heard that it’s wrong to see color. That classifying people is dangerous. That it not only hurts our country’s ability to be a community, but it hurt’s the feelings of the people who are being classified. And I always thought, “Why does it hurt someone’s feelings to be who they are?”


Did you hear?

We’re super stoked to announce that our very own home state has legalized same-sex marriage! Last night, the New York State Senate approved Governor Andrew Cuomo’s bill, and Cuomo signed it into law just before midnight. Provided nothing gets in the way, LGBT couples will be able to get hitched starting in late July, making […]

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