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Dear New York State Child Support:

As much as I loathe my husband’s ex for living off welfare and his support money instead of getting off her fat, lazy ass and getting a job, it absolutely disgusts me that she’s just been evicted because it takes you two business weeks to process an electronic payment.

Why Mindcryme, Melen & rayne will NEVER be on FaceBook

Wikipedia lists over 100 different social networking sites, and each of them does exactly the same thing as at least a dozen others. Some people (especially bloggers) have a profile on each and every one. And they re-post what they said on each over, and over, and over again. “Johnny had peanut butter and jelly for lunch!” shows up a hundred times in your inbox if you follow the same people on each site.


Changing the World

I recently joined a web site that deals mostly with conspiracy theories. As expected, there’s a lot of posts on this site that are just so far out of the realm of reality that I find it hard to believe people actually believe them. There was a post this morning where someone asked what each […]

National Grid: Anally Raping NY Citizens w/ Their Government’s Help

Apparently I spoke entirely too soon. I’m not sure I have the energy to talk about it, right now.  Basically they want blood from a stone in less than twenty-four hours. And I bet you’ll never guess how late I am. Three days.  Yep.  The bill was due on the 19th.  It’s the 22nd.  And […]

Small Plane Crashes Into Building In Austin, Texas

If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt asking yourself, “Why did this have to happen?”

If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt asking yourself, “Why did this have to happen?” The simple truth is that it is complicated and has been coming for a long time. The writing process, started many months ago, was intended to be therapy in the face of the looming realization that there isn’t enough therapy in the world that can fix what is really broken. Needless to say, this rant could fill volumes with example after example if I would let it. I find the process of writing it frustrating, tedious, and probably pointless… especially given my gross inability to gracefully articulate my thoughts in light of the storm raging in my head. Exactly what is therapeutic about that I’m not sure, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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