Of all the things to be mad at Google over, you chose a doodle?

Sunday, as you know, was Easter. Easter is, currently, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Despite the fact that Christian scholars don’t agree on what time of year this actually happened, we celebrate Easter in Spring.

You’re wondering why I said Easter is “currently” the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

As it turns out, Easter wasn’t always the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. In fact, most of the Easter traditions today (dying eggs, egg hunts, “Easter grass”, and even the resurrection itself) are based on decidedly Pagan traditions, and a Pagan holiday meant to celebrate Spring and the renewal of life. The Pagan celebration is known as Ostara, after the goddess, and is spelled Ēastre in Western Saxon English.  Read more »

Public Smoking Bans: Because Some Smokers Are Assholes

I am a former cigarette smoker…for now. Who knows what the future holds? I’ve relapsed before. I may again. But for right now, the smell of cigarette smoke makes me nauseous, and despite the fact that I was a social smoker, I don’t even crave cigarettes when I’m around smoking smokers, so a former smoker I must be.

Being a former smoker, I have all sorts of opinions about smokers, and the rights of smokers, and the rights of nonsmokers, and just about every cigarette-smoke-related issue you can imagine. And because I was a smoker, and for a while, I was a nonsmoker who didn’t mind being smoked around, I even feel justified in some of them.

My parents were smokers. My dad quit when I was a kid, but my mom still smokes, choosing to roll her own in a market that has jacked the price of pre-rolled smokes up to $15 a pack in some cities.

(For reference, when I left Virginia in 1999, a pack of Marlboro lights cost $1.98. By the time I quit for the first time in 2002, a pack of Newport 100s — I’ve changed my brand a lot — cost $4.25. When I started up again in 2008, pretty much all name brands were up to $7.00. Today, they’re $9-13 in my area, depending on the brand and where you buy them. The last time I looked into it, only a third of that cost was the cigarettes themselves, and only a fraction more of that was the tobacco company’s profit margin. The rest is taxes.)

Something I always admired about my parents (though I didn’t always understand it) was that they were polite smokers…with everyone but us kids. What I mean by that is that even after finding out about the dangers of secondhand smoke, our parents smoked around my sister and me, but they never smoked around anyone else without first asking if it would bother the people they were near. Especially the children of people they didn’t know. Sometimes, depending on who the person was, my mother would even ask if it would bother a nonsmoking visitor if she lit up in our own home. And when she was outside, she always, always stepped away from doorways, walkways, and unknown vehicles so her smoke didn’t bother any nonsmokers that might have to pass by.  Read more »

What the hell does aesthetic beauty have to do with movie quality?

Today, I tried to debate the fashion industry with someone who writes about fashion.

Never do that. Seriously. It’s a waste of time. You  might as well be trying to convince Satan to serve iced water in Hell.

For the record, I’m not comparing the person I was debating with to Satan with that statement. I don’t even know her. She might be a very nice person.

Nor am I saying the fashion industry corners the market on being set in their ways. There are people like that in all walks of life.

I am, however, comparing the fashion industry to Hell.  Read more »


Dear People Screaming for @RushLimbaugh’s Freedom of Speech:

You’re right. Rush Limbaugh absolutely has the right to say whatever disgusting thought that comes into his ignorant, pea-sized brain, thanks to the First Amendment I utilize every day.

But guess what. So. Do. I. Read more »


Can We Frack Safely?

Read more »

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