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Dude. Let’s visit Australia.

I mean, check out that sunset. Isn’t it glorious? That’s Manly Beach. “What’s so manly about it?” No, dummy. It’s called Manly Beach. But I’m gonna go with the rocks. Rocks are manly. Or so I’m told. (Not really. I made that up. Not all rocks are manly. Some are very feminine. I’m gonna shut […]

Dear Users: Sorry for the inconvenience, but…

So we’ve had a bit of a spam problem. As you might have noticed, someone forgot to add a captcha to our registration form, so we’re being nailed with bogus user registrations. 1800 of them, to be exact. Since there’s no real way to know which of these accounts are real, and which are spammers […]


Of all the things to be mad at Google over, you chose a doodle?

No company in their right mind would only cater to a third of their customer base while ignoring the other two-thirds. That’s just bad business.

So that really happened… -or- Why Adam Baldwin Blocked Us

I wouldn’t exactly call peeing on dead bodies “maintaining professionalism.” Matter of fact, I’d venture to say peeing on dead bodies is decidedly unprofessional. And dishonorable. Not to mention inflammatory and embarrassing. I am humiliated by the actions of those Marines.

THIS is What I Deal With!

So New Dad goes through the line, gets all his stuff on the conveyor belt, rings out and pays. He heads back out to the car, unloads the cart and picks Baby up to put him in the car, and there, staring at him from the place Baby’s seat just was is a bottle of mouthwash.

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