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VIDEO: President Obama Openly Discusses the Senate’s Failure

“So all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.” ~@BarackObama

TheBloggess on Kindness

“Think of kindness as your Kevlar, and karma as your shield. And patience is your battle helmet. And your pants are made of flame retardant love.” ~TheBloggess Mostly because it needed to be immortalized somewhere besides TheStir, even if it is just on this itty bitty blog of confusion. Can you imagine what the world […]


Did you hear?

We’re super stoked to announce that our very own home state has legalized same-sex marriage! Last night, the New York State Senate approved Governor Andrew Cuomo’s bill, and Cuomo signed it into law just before midnight. Provided nothing gets in the way, LGBT couples will be able to get hitched starting in late July, making […]

My Husband: Solving Violent Crime with Logic

“You know, I just don’t see the point,” he said. I looked up from what I was doing to see what he was talking about. As usual, he’d read some news story while I was feeding the animals and getting his breakfast ready. “What, baby?” “I don’t get these people! They get themselves all worked […]


A Christmas Miracle -or- Why We Love @TheBloggess and Her Readers

So, Jenny (TheBloggess) offered a $30 gift card to the first twenty people to comment on her post to let her know they need a little extra help this Christmas. And… You know what? I’m gonna let her tell it. She did it best.

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