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Can We Frack Safely?

1960 v. 2010 – Grades

Binaural Beats

Brain Beats

What if you could decide exactly what mood you were going to be in and when? If you could fine tune your brainwaves so you could concentrate better at work or relax more on your day off? With brainwave synchronization, you can. But how does it work?


Electrolux Design Lab v. Industrial Design Students

So Stumble dropped me on Mail Online at an article about the end of a design contest held by Electrolux. I wasn’t satisfied with the little bit of information provided and went hunting for the rest. On my hunt, I found Electrolux’s really neat Design Lab website and information on a contest Electrolux held offering grad and undergrad students into industrial design the opportunity to design a gadget they think will be useful in the future.

Men More Suspicious Than Women

Incognitus? Yeah, cheating is not an option. Just the thought makes me go all nauseous and want to hug him. But he worries about it sometimes.

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