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Of all the things to be mad at Google over, you chose a doodle?

No company in their right mind would only cater to a third of their customer base while ignoring the other two-thirds. That’s just bad business.

On Infallibility, Calenders and Scientific Proof; or “The Bible’s Conundrum”

First and foremost, I would like to say I have nothing against Christians and I do not believe they all fall under the category of fanatics.  I also don’t personally have anything against Christian fanatics.  I just wish some of them would learn the truth about what they’re fanatical about. Someone recently pointed out to […]

Do you really know what you profess to believe in?

I don’t usually get involved in religious debates.  It’s like arguing on the internet, from where I stand.  Everyone has their own reasons for believing what they do, and, without some serious proof that they’re wrong, they’re not going to just change their beliefs because someone who believes differently says they should. I guess, at […]

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