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Of all the things to be mad at Google over, you chose a doodle?

No company in their right mind would only cater to a third of their customer base while ignoring the other two-thirds. That’s just bad business.

Time Warner: Lying by Omission

We’ve got National Grid straightened around… sort of.  We at least got them to give us till the 1st, finally.  Wanna talk about pulling teeth? Utility companies should be tried for terrorism. So our only worry was Time Warner.  We don’t owe them a lot.  I think the bill was $163 and change; $107 of […]

National Grid: Anally Raping NY Citizens w/ Their Government’s Help

Apparently I spoke entirely too soon. I’m not sure I have the energy to talk about it, right now.  Basically they want blood from a stone in less than twenty-four hours. And I bet you’ll never guess how late I am. Three days.  Yep.  The bill was due on the 19th.  It’s the 22nd.  And […]

National Grid: Hang Up with a… Smile?

In June of last year, we were in it deep with National Grid, the monster upstate New Yorkers can’t escape.  I posted about the insane fiasco we went through then and left out all the other insanity they’ve put me through in the past.  Like demanding I pay $1500, which, at the time, was less […]

Do not want!

I’m a cheap date. No, really. If I can help it, I won’t let anyone spend money on me. I talk about things I want all the time, but I rarely actually go through all the trouble of convincing M I need it and then going to the store to buy it. I don’t like […]

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