What’s a “Mindcryme”?

Operation: Mindcrime is a concept album by the progressive metal band Queensryche. In it, a man named Nikki is brain washed into being a trained assassin by a man known as Dr. X, a leader in an organization that is both political and religious. When Nikki hears the word “mindcrime” he becomes Dr. X’s puppet.

The stories you will find here are, to us, either absolutely insane or totally rocking awesome. Either the people have lost their minds or the government has or both. Because bottom line? The world needs a change.


Melen – Melen is the forty-something father of seven children, grandfather to two baby boys, and Rayne’s husband. He’s employed by a local internet service provider.

Almost entirely self-taught (minus recent network training and occasional instructional sessions), Melen’s currently managing the company’s network, Linux servers, VMware clusters and NetApp

In his spare time, Melen enjoys creating 3D pictures from programs such as Vue D’esprit and Poser, among others. He also enjoys reading (everything from the news to Horror fiction), Geocaching and music. But his real passion, these days, is photography.

Melen’s currently looking for models of all races, genders, shapes and sizes to practice portrait photography with. You can find some of his work on deviantART. Right now, due to the economy, he can only offer free prints in return for your time. If you’re in the Capital District in New York and are interested in modeling for him, you can email him at rahl (at) mindcryme (dot) com.

Melen modified the template for this site, did all of the back end work and came up with the concept for the blog.

Rayne – Rayne is the thirty-something mother of four children, and Melen’s wife. She’s a freelance copywriter/editor with a background in marketing who covers topics like sexuality, sexual health, politics, and entertainment, among other things.

Rayne’s passion is writing.  Fiction, non-fiction, opinion…she loves to write. She’s been blogging about the unique aspects of her marriage since 2003. She has kept a journal and written fiction and poetry of many genres since she could spell her name. She’s had a poem published and has been published on a couple sex-positive blogs.

When she’s not writing, Rayne is reading, Geocaching, listening to an eclectic array of music from classical music to hard rock to gangsta rap to everything in between, or relaxing with her husband. She occasionally enjoys photographing nature and architecture and loves walking through old cities. But her favorite places to spend the day is one of the various local cemeteries or tiny cafes.

Rayne is always looking for work. If you have questions or are interested in hiring her, you can contact her at rayne (at) mindcryme (dot) com.

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