Dear People Screaming for @RushLimbaugh’s Freedom of Speech:


You’re right. Rush Limbaugh absolutely has the right to say whatever disgusting thought that comes into his ignorant, pea-sized brain, thanks to the First Amendment I utilize every day.

But guess what. So. Do. I.

I also have the right to hate him for whatever putrid thing comes out of his mouth, refuse to believe the lame-ass apology he made because his sponsors started pulling out and boycott any company or organization that supports him in any way. Just like you have the right to support his assessment of government-funded female birth control – though I don’t see Rush (or you) rushing (haha) to have Viagra removed from the list of government-funded medications.

(Hey, Rush! Doesn’t that make men on Medicaid or Medicare who are prescribed Viagra gigolos? So you, the taxpayer [ffs!], are already, in essence, a john. Worse! A john who patronizes male sex workers in dark alleys so no one will find out.)

Those companies and organizations have the right to choose to continue to work with him, and good luck to the ones that do. Maybe women’s rights isn’t as huge an issue as most of us think, and the movement doesn’t have enough supporters for the boycott of their goods and services to hurt their profit margin. But I’m going to guess by the number of huge companies that have pulled out, it is, it does and it will. If it hasn’t already.

So spew on, Rush. Keep being your usual self-indulgent, immature, hate-speech-slinging self. I think people are done ignoring the talk radio schoolyard bully and have decided to fight back.

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3 Responses to “Dear People Screaming for @RushLimbaugh’s Freedom of Speech:”

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  2. avatar arcticgirl22 says:

    Limbaugh is an example of what happend when we got rid of the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE. Yes Virginia,… Getting rid of the Fairness Doctrine did make a difference, as did allowing Big Business to own as many newspaper companies, TV stations and radio stations as they want in whatever commmunity they want (hell, one company can own everything in your town if it’s small enough). Drive across Upstate NY, Listen in Buffalo, Rochester, WSYR in Syracuse, WIBX in Utica, WGY in Schenectady…all these stations with great broadcasting power alotted to them (wasn’t this to facilitate communication with the public during WWII?) and now they are Propaganda/Hate-spewing Corporate Cogs. Each day it the same parade…Limbaugh, Hannity(the Big Lie spreader, spreader of many lies), Beck, Lars Larsen, Ingraham, Coulter and the lesser ones Kim Komando who injects right-wing/Corporate philosophy into a computer-tips show and Doug Stephan doing a right-wing synopisis of talk radio show and medical call-ins and Clark Howard put Right-wing/Corporatism into consumer affairs. Then the local radio announcers do their part putting the Conservative/Right-wing spin on local issues. How long did it take to get the Rights we have been enjoying??? The Fairness Doctrine, limits to media ownership, Glass-Steigel(putting a damper on banking vice for 70 years), corporate regulation were some of the thing done away with with the swipe of a pen. Now Limbaugh’s “friends” in business and politics have their sights on the Civil Rights Act/Voting Rights( before the 5 trolls of SCOTUS), while thinking of more ways to destroy labor laws including minimum wage, 40 hour work week/overtime pay, child labor law…not to mention your right to freely assemle, protest speak/write what you want…if nothing else they want to use FEAR(of government, police, your employer)to motivate you to “self-censor”. Notice how there is no major media outlet providing an “alternative” view or in the case of some stories…”The Truth”. And also notice that our Corporate “citizens” are the biggest recipients of Welfare:…government handouts…bailouts…unneccessary tax-breaks…tax refunds (even when no taxes are apid) and subsides. The oil industry gets how many BILLIONS a year??? And all they can do is shut down more refineries in the East/Northeast so as to get gas to $4.00 a gallon and make even more billions? Check out their profites for the first quarter of last year when they did the same thing……switching to “Summer Blends” in January/February? I don’t think so… Somehow we use less gas, sometimes there’s even a Glut and they charge. Can you spell MONOPOLY? How about COLUSSION? Justice Department, wherefore art thou? Mr. Holder and everyone else in Washingto, who did you take an oath to serve? The Corporate Czars? Jaimie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein? “In Goldman-Sachs/J.P. Morgan Chase/The Corporatocarcy We Trust!” Gee,…I guess if I made $100 million + a year with stock options and a $300. million or so “Golden Parachute” in the wings I’d be partying it up on WallStreet like the last three record setting days. To Hell with the “Plebs”, the 99%…”let them eat cake”. WallStreet rakes it in, Mainstreet dies. NBC shows the war zone that is Camden, New Jersey…there are more, like Detroit. Don’t be fooled…We Are All Camden, NJ…we are all Detroit. We are next!!! If you live in Upstate Ny you have to see that Gov. Cuomo is bankrupting public schools and local governments…this isn’t some mistake…(he’s not uneducated…he is a lawyer). Forget “Class Warfare”, Rush Limbaugh…when we criticize You and your Wealthy friends we can’t help but think “How Much Money Does One Person/Family Need???” You are the definition of a GREEDY, FILTHY PIG…in more ways than one!!!

  3. avatar arcticgirl22 says:

    In my pervious reply I forgot to mention how many people were beaten, maimed, shot or killed to get all those rights we have been enjoying. And don’t think there will be some “magic” turnaround/change of heart to bring them back once they are gone…those rights took decades, sometimes hundreds of years to finally get voted in…once removed they will take more than a day, week or year to restore. Once the Trolls get rid of your rights, they will do anything, including killing you to preserve their gains…the “Ideal World”…the Plutocracy/Corporatocracy. (Although I don’t particularly like Rand Paul, that’s what the recent Fillibuster was about…to get the White House/Holder to say “We won’t use surgical strikes with Drones on American Citizens on American soil.”) Read up on History, know what is happening…don’t be conned by our supposed heroes like Sen. John McCain who co-sponsored the Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act of 2012 with Democratic Sen. Carl Levin(really, Carl?) which gives the President to authorize the indefenite detention without trial, the right to a lawyer, charges or notification to family of the whereabouts to family of the person arrested. The President said he wouln’t sign it with that provision in there…he signed it at 3PM of Dec.31, 2011. Read about the “Dirty War” in Argentina, about the “disappearances”, read about rule under Pres. Pinochet in Chile (he was a “favorite” of our Government and CIA) Read about the Nazis, read about the Nazis- probably war criminals brought into our country to work in our military/industrial complex, read about Prescott Bush’s Nazi sympathies and involvement in an attempt to stage a “Coup” on Franklin Roosevelt. It’s all out there…then tellme what you think! (Sorry about any spelling errors…I get pretty fired up and forget to proofread, rest assured I can spell and write well.)

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