Can We Frack Safely?


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  1. avatar arcticgirl22 says:

    Please blog more Rayne! As for Hydrofracking…it’s all about money, those in power never get enough!!! Cuomo wants the MONEY but now he’s in a bind…Albany and Westchester are still part of NY and then there’s the “Hollywood” Factor with many actors and musicians with Summer Homes, residences or actor friends with such in NY!!! Fracking is like putting a future Superfund Site in everyone’s neighborhood/backyard. Cuomo’s problem is that he’s got a “Progressive” Pedigree and ties to environmentalist family members which he used to get elected vs. his pledge to make New York “Open For BUSINESS”(with the emphasis on “carte blanche” for Big Business). He wants to sell out to the Gas Companies the same way he is selling out to Corporate School-Reform interests with his defunding of most of New York’s Public Schools, meanwhile allowing more Privately-Owned “Public” Charter Schools to further defund affected (real) Public Schools…see the Charter School (owned by Turkish nationals) opening in Utica next year to syphon off 1.7 million $s of state aid that should be going to the real public school which has a growing immigrant population with language needs and poverty issues. Instead they will lay off close to 100 teachers between the dwindling State Aid and lose of Federal Money due to Sequestration. The Charter School of Science and Technology in Syracuse is owned by the same Turkish group…they tend to hire young teachers and of course pay them less but they prefer to bring in Turkish teachers on work Visas and staff with them (much like Bill Gates/Microsoft likes software engineers from India and lobbies constantly for more H1B Worker Visas…and remember, Warren Buffetis his friend…plus Gates’ Foundation is all for “School Reform” Bill Gates who attended a private school hates public schools and colleges as does the Walton Foundation-Walmart Family…thats what they use all the profits we supply them with buying their stuff…to destroy our education or mold it into something they/their friends can profit off of and further dumb the 99% down to control them and use them). Wake up New Yorkers…THINK!!!

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