What’s this bullshit? White people don’t have to deal with racism? Really?

The A#8 saga continues.

So remember good ol’ A#8 from the post about why people are killing each other in Schenectady? Let me get you up to speed.

The guy spent a night screaming to a mutual friend of ours that the reason we don’t get along is because “if I shit too loud she calls the landlord.” Apparently we’re just being unreasonable. It’s perfectly acceptable to play your music so loud you have to scream to be heard over it from midnight till 6am.

So, against our better judgment, because he gave a clear reason for having an issue with us, we apologized. And that’s when things got worse.

He became completely fixated on me, until we had our mutual friend pass along a message that M would not just stand idly by while he attacks me. So he turned his obsessive anger on both of us.

He spends entire nights convincing his friends that we are assholes and they should help him attack us. He yells that he’s going to burn the building to the ground. He says he’s going to kick in our door and beat the fuck out of me. He’s going to kill us both. And on and on and on. Until we were finally treated to a night of ranting about the real reason he hates us. We’re white.

White people are the devil. White people are holding him down. White people are the cause of all his problems. And I mean all his problems. And we are the white people he’s chosen to focus his anger on.

Then, suddenly, it was silent upstairs every night. Occasionally he’d talk loud or turn his radio up a little louder than we’d prefer, but the threats stopped. The stomping stopped. Then it started again.

We’ve probably waited far too long, but we went to the police and filed a report. They offered to arrest him for harassment. We decided to wait until we have proof. No sense having him arrested without proof so he can say we’re lying.

We’ve bought a digital recorder and will be setting it up at night when we go to bed. And the next time, we’ll be off to the police station with him on tape.

The officer tried to allay my fears with the usual reassurances the authorities give abused women. Usually their bark is worse than their bite. Generally speaking, if they have to put forth effort, they won’t do it. Blahblahblahwords.

Now I find myself wishing he’d start screaming so we can get it on tape and get it over with. And of course he’s silent.

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