Anonymous – It’s not what you think.

I’ve been sitting back and watching everything going on in the world. All the protests and fighting for rights and freedom. This is a major thing that’s happening in our life time, and we need to pay attention. Once the smoke clears, the world is going to be a much different place.

I used to browse 4chan, some time ago. 4Chan is where Anonymous started out. For those of you that have never been to 4chan, I would consider it one of the few lawless places on the ‘net, tho I’m sure there are those who disagree. This is not a place of fairies and butterflies where everyone is your friend. In fact, it’s probably good to just assume if you post everyone will hate you (newfag!). Even the vernacular regularly used on the site is more hate oriented than anything else, especially if you peruse boards like /b/.

I have a hacking background. In fact, that’s what ultimately got me my first job as a System Administrator, some 15 years ago now. I spent a lot (practically lived there) of time in the 90’s on Efnet IRC, running and being part of various hacking groups. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, and have talked to and hung out with many hackers. My point here is that I have experience with things such as Anonymous, and even with that experience what I’m seeing, especially on Twitter, I’m starting to wonder if we’ve been duped.

Frankly, anyone who thinks Anonymous, either a cohesive group or as separate individuals uniting for the same goal, is only interested in freedom and democracy needs to do some research. Anonymous has turned into nothing more than a powerful group of bullies, that takes every opportunity to incite violence.

What really struck me today was one of Anonymous’s tweets talking about revolution in America, presumably referring to what’s currently going on in Wisconsin. I don’t think the people that make up Anonymous, in all of their 12 or 13 years on this planet, really understand what they’re asking for. A revolution, or civil war, in America would NOT make things better for the foreseeable future. What will all these disgruntled teens do without their precious Xboxes and fast food?

I have met, and at times in the past I have been, the type of hacker to do things for “good”. I’m not saying everyone using the Anonymous name is ultimately out for death and destruction. However, let’s be blunt. This is a very loosely knit group of hackers who daily break federal and international law, and their excuse is always “we’re doing it for the people”. In reality, many of these people are just on power trips. Don’t discount how much of a rush it is for a hacker to take down a big evil entity such as Mastercard. Bragging rights in the hacking community are a major perk. Those companies that Anonymous decides to target employ real people, just like them. They have no problem with putting innocents out of a job, or worse completely destroying them in public opinion. For this I’m not referring to the stuff with HBGary. Frankly, fuck HBGary, they basically begged for it. People just can’t seem to avoid poking the wasps nest.

Now, please understand that I’m not saying people of the world don’t need help. They do, and in the beginning I was fully behind what those who claim to be Anonymous were doing. They have done some very positive things, but what’s the ultimate goal? If you judge by their tweets and press releases, their goal appears to be world wide violence and anarchy. That is NOT something we want, even if our ultimate goal is democracy.

People, think for yourselves. Make sure when you throw your support behind an organization (tho that term has to be used very loosely here), that you know what it is you’re supporting.

People of Egypt, Iran, Tunisia, and everywhere else do need a voice from outside their country helping them. On the flip side, do they need an organization that is so petty that they will carry out long term attacks and destroy anyone who has a harsh word to say about them? I don’t think so, and I think we have to be careful here. If you’re going to throw your support behind an organization, make sure you know what it is you’re supporting. I can tell some of the people I follow on Twitter really do not get it. Trust me when I say it’s in your best interest to become informed.

As I’ve said before, the enemy of our enemy isn’t always our friend. Anonymous, you were our friend in the beginning. Unfortunately, now you’re starting to look like the enemy. If you start acting like the tyrants we’re trying so hard to take down, you’ll turn into one of them yourselves. And eventually the people of the world will wake up and take notice. And then you can expect us.

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