Moral of the story? Don’t be a hero in NYC. Homeless, or otherwise.

I’m filled with such outrage and disgust that I’m not entirely sure what to say.

One of my dreams, since I was a little girl, has been to see “the city that never sleeps”.  I would imagine the bright lights and tall buildings and constant sirens and hustle and bustle…

But the one thing that never touched my dream world was the complete lack of humanity New Yorkers display on occasion.

I’m not sure I want to go to New York City anymore.  I’ll certainly be calling 911 from a distance, rather than aiding someone in trouble if I do go, now.

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax, a homeless man in Queens, was victim to New York’s lack of humanity after saving a woman who was attacked with a knife.  Hugo fell to the ground and lie dying on the sidewalk as more than twenty people walked around him, staring as they passed, and never lifting a finger to help him.  Two people stood beside him chatting.  A man came out of the store to take a picture with his cell phone.  Another person bent and shook him, but continued walking when he didn’t wake.

What’s confusing me the most is police were called to the area and claim to have seen nothing.  While I realize seeing a homeless man lying on the side of the road isn’t an unusual occurrence in New York City, do the police not even ask them to move along anymore?

Maybe the people who weren’t there when it happened can excuse it away by assuming someone called someone already.  Or that he was just passed out drunk.  Maybe.  I mean, he wasn’t moving at all, and he was laid on his face.

But the people who were there when it happened? The girl he saved?! Why did no one call anyone?

Is this what we’re coming to, America? A country so apathetic we don’t even care about the diamonds in the rough anymore?

I cried for Hugo, this morning.  And I cried for our humanity.  I hope you did, too.

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  2. avatar Sqweakers says:

    This is truly tragic, and I empathize for the man, being a native New Yorker it’s so common to see a homeless man passed out, bloody from a fight the night before no one is going to stop for the guy. Some people are just stupid and can’t tell the difference, the women he helped should have done something for the guy, and honestly the NYPD as honorable as they can be have more bad spouts then good.

    I think people are desensitized now more then we ever have been death now seems cartoonish and distance, so when you’re staring it in the face it’s hard to process it as real ( IMO) . I wouldn’t cry for humanity we are no more fucked up then we always have been.

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