“Midnight Knitter” Brings a Little Color to West Cape May


So as I’m clicking away at my poor, abused Stumble button, I come across this headline:

Police hunt ‘The Midnight Knitter’ wool graffiti bandit

When I saw the accompanying picture, I laughed out loud.  Someone’s running around my home town putting up colorful knitted pieces everywhere.  That is just the coolest thing.  If I knew how to knit, I’d be doing it here.

Unfortunately, the police are hunting for the people responsible.  It’s a shame, really, because, while I realize it’s technically vandalism, many of the town’s citizens are excited about it.  They think the brightly colored scarves bring a more lighthearted air to the town.  And it’s not as if any permanent damage was done.  A pair of scissors will take these “tags” down if the property owners are that upset by them.

I’m tempted to learn how to knit just so I can do this here.

They have this page, a facebook, and a myspace, so head over to see more of their artwork.

See? There’s still some goodness in this world yet.

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