Project SKIP – Revitalizing Jerry Burrell Park (Community Project)


What are you doing Saturday, May 22nd?

Do you live in or around Schenectady, New York? Have you used one of our parks or bike trails or playgrounds? Then you’re darn right I’m talking to you.  So I ask you again, what are you doing Saturday, May 22nd?

This morning we stopped down to the Muddy Cup to grab some coffee, and I noticed a flier taped to the wall for Project SKIP (Schenectady Kids Imagine and Play).  They’re still looking for volunteers.  So far, they’ve got around 150 people getting involved. 

If you live in or around Schenectady, you’ve probably heard of Hamilton Hill and Vale.  Chances are, unless you live there, you avoid these neighborhoods like the plague.  But some of us, here in Schenectady, still see the beauty this city has to offer and are trying to clean it up.

To this end, on Saturday, May 22nd, citizens will gather to revitalize and rebuild Jerry Burrell Park and the spirit of the community.

Here’s what you’ll find in the pamphlet:

The Vision of Project SKIP

The ultimate goal of Project SKIP is to construct, trough the community build model, a new playground in Jerry Burrell Park.

What makes a community-built playground special is that the success of this project relies on the involvement of the local community.

Local citizens, like you, are assisting in designing, fundraising, and will even be constructing (usually in one day) the new play structure.

With its emphasis on community involvement, Project SKIP provides an opportunity to not only revitalize Jerry Burrell Park, but the spirit of the community itself.

Origin of Project SKIP

In December of 2007, several Union College students traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.  While there, one of the projects they worked on was a community-built playground.

Struck by how the playground brought the community together to really help better their own community, they thought, “Why not Schenectady?”

How to Accomplish This Dream

Design: Local residents who are mothers, daycare providers, and people just like you worked with a qualified playground vendor to design the new playground.

Fundraising: This project will cost approximately $80,000.  In order to raise the necessary funds, fundraisers will be held throughout the community.

The Build Team: In the months leading up to the build, we will be recruiting volunteers to come out to help construct the playground.

Build Day: The build day will bring together all corners of the city to construct our dream playground.

Why Jerry Burrell Park?

Not only is Jerry burrell Park the most utilized park in the city, but the playground equipment is approximately 15 years old, which is the average lifespan of the type of playground currently installed.

In addition to aging, the play structures in place are increasingly difficult to maintain.

By coming together to build a new playground in Jerry Burrell Park, we will be continuing the current efforts to improve both the park and the neighborhood.

How to Get Involved

On May 22, 2010, the build team made up of over 150 residents from all oer Schenectady, will come together to build the playground of our dreams.  Our volunteers will be doing everything from building to serving food to watching over children.

To get involved call: (518)374-2683 -or- Email: prjctskip (at) gmail (dot) com

If you have a community project you’d like to get the word out about (There is no charge.), please contact the webmaster using this form.

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