Time Warner: Lying by Omission

We’ve got National Grid straightened around… sort of.  We at least got them to give us till the 1st, finally.  Wanna talk about pulling teeth? Utility companies should be tried for terrorism.

So our only worry was Time Warner.  We don’t owe them a lot.  I think the bill was $163 and change; $107 of it actually past due.  And just like with National Grid, we only needed a few days.  Four, to be exact.  And only two of them were business days.  But we’d already had our one extension every six months, and Time Warner, like National Grid, refused to budge.

Okay.  No big deal.  M could have gone into the office if it got shut off.  It’s not like not having internet for four days would kill us. 

They tell me that, so long as the service wasn’t shut off at the pole, I could pay the $107 and get it turned back on, or save it from being turned off in the office.  If it’s not shut off at the pole, there are no disconnect/reconnect fees, and there’s usually no wait to have it restored.  They can restore it while you’re on the phone with them.  And you can just pay the past due amount.  But if it’s shut off at the pole, they make you pay the full bill and disconnect/reconnect fees.

Cool.  We just have to get together $107 and we can pay it.

M raised $114 just under the wire.  I called to pay the bill.  And the woman says to me, “There’s a five dollar processing fee.  Would you still like to pay the bill?”

Wait… what? Nobody ever told me about a $5 processing fee.

You mean to tell me it costs you $5 worth of resources to process my credit card payment over the phone? And you’re telling me that you, a nationwide company whose net income (or what was left after they paid all their employees and bills) last year was $1.1 billion dollars, really needs that $5 processing fee? Really?

I call bullshit.

And what the fuck is up with you charging me to pay you? No, really… I have to pay you to pay you? What kind of bullshit is that?

So I suppose it’s lucky M was able to raise $114 because the total bill, with this fucking processing fee that shouldn’t even be legal, came to $111 and change.  And that extra $5? Yeah it doesn’t even go toward my bill.

Can you believe this shit?

More importantly, can you believe that we, free Americans, are just sitting on our thumbs and allowing the government to allow this shit? What the fuck is wrong with us?

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  1. avatar arcticgirl22 says:

    I can’t believe that we, free Americans, are just sitting on our thumbsand allowing the government to allow this shit! What is wrong with us! One has to wonder…after all the Tea Party crowd and the Evangelical Christians are all cool with letting the Rich/Big Business have/do whatever they(Rich/Big Business) want. It is sad that honest, hardworking religious people are cultured to basically “slit their own (economic) throat” because their preacher says it’s “God’s Will”. Really??? Read your Bible and INTERPRET IT FOR YOURSELVES…SHEEPle! Was Jesus about helping the poor or grinding them under the jackboot heel? Was Jesus about Justice? Was Jesus a military leader promoting a “Holy War”? SHEEPLE, Is your Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Imamm about protecting you like a sheepdog or are they the person in the slaughterhouse with the knife behind their back? This is how we have big business Monopolies: government officials on-the-take, religious leaders with their own agendas(and hoping for some “idealogical” crumbs from the government) and some raking in millions as “Mega-Pastors”, a news media that serves the Rich who own them and their friends in high places. As for the so-called 99%, we’re divided between those who know something is wrong and the other half who are believing the various lies (State and Religious) or are drunk, high and/or otherwise incapacitated. Remember…divided we Fail, and we are divided. We must drop all the “wedge issues” used to divide us such as abortion, gay rights, illegals, guns, ghostly Terrorists and such(we should know them all by heart now…they are always brought up to divide us). I too fight Natl. Grid, Time/Warner, Verizon…the only games in Upstate/Central NY. It’s really sad to remember when our government used to protect us somewhat with vigorous Anti-Trust suits administered by the Justice Dept.. When I was a child, my father worked for a copper mill whose company wanted to buy aan aluminum plant in Alabama, they weren’t approved for the aquisition because it would have created a “Monopoly”, too much of a concentration of the metals industry…now they’d be cheered on by WallStreet with little notice by the Justice Dept.. Unfortunately the copper company is a shadow of its’ former self…just about destroyed by foreign companies/”Free”-for-all Trade, Globalization which=the total destruction of anything but low paying service jobs (increasing filled by lower paid “illegal” foreigner labor who are also displaced Victims of Globalization’s effects on their native countries) We have had THIRTY YEARS of policies to keep our wages stagnant, export our jobs, destroy our education opportunities and Fill the pockets of the RICH!!! Read Robert Reich, for one, about all this…too bad he didn’t speak up during the Clinton administration. Peace to all you of the 99%, whatever your race, religion and other things used to divide US.

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