Pennsylvania Man Dies After Ten 911 Calls

So today, I’m talking back and forth to Melen on Twitter and IM cause the stereo’s too loud to hear each other from five yards away.  And he pastes me a link to a news story about a man who died in his home because the prima donna paramedics who showed up on scene refused to go from their truck to his house in the snow.

Instead, the first team to arrive on the scene (but not until the second call) told the man, suffering from severe abdominal pain, that if he could walk half a mile and cross a snow covered bridge, they’d take him to the hospital.  The second team got within four blocks of his house, and still expected him to find a way to make it out to them.

After seven more calls, ten total, the man died in his home without ever receiving medical treatment.

You mean to tell me it was too much to ask for the medical team to get their asses out of the truck and walk to the man they were supposed to be helping? Maybe carry a backboard or something so they could bring him back to the ambulance and get him to a hospital?

It’s cases like these when I’m happy Americans are sue-happy.  I hope his family sues the pants off the ambulance company and its drivers.

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