I can’t bring myself to hate Oprah.

A friend of mine linked to an article on Nerve.com entitled Ten Good Reasons to Hate Oprah.  The basic points of the list, for those who don’t have time to read it all (it’s lengthy), are as follows:

  1. Her idea of happiness involves a lot of spending
  2. At heart, her show is a gawk-fest
  3. She fat-shames
  4. She created the monster that is Dr. Phil
  5. Her perceived infallibility
  6. O: The Oprah Magazine
  7. She treats celebrities as medical experts
  8. She endorsed The Secret and other pseudoscience
  9. She popularized the word “vajayjay”
  10. Retiring from her talk show will only make her more popular

I’ve never watched her show.  I’d never even looked at the cover of one of her magazines until I read that article.  I don’t know much about her, to be honest.

I’ll admit, I hope if I ever do publish a book, she puts it on her list.  Can you imagine how much money it would make, then? The royalties would be endless.  I’d be able to use them to start the nonprofit organization I want to build.  That would be so incredibly awesome.

However, Oprah’s reputation precedes her.  On both sides of the spectrum.

Honestly, I do have a problem with her tactics.

I appreciate her motives.  I realize that she, on some level, honestly believes she’s doing good.  And her “every woman” persona has definitely done wonders for some women.  Regardless of what anyone thinks of her, or the way she goes about things, that is fact.  I know because my mother is one of them.

For all the bad she does, there is some good in her.  She often puts her money where her mouth is.  She regularly uses her celebrity status and reputation to help amazing causes.  She gets involved.  Even if she does only do it for publicity, she does it.  That’s more than can be said for most of us.

I’m not saying she deserves the almost cult-like following she’s got.  No human being deserves that.  And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hate the way she does things, or her opinions, or even her.

I guess I just don’t like looking a gift horse in the mouth.  Even one that occasionally bites the hand that feeds it.

But, if you have any disillusionment about who Oprah really is, do give that article a look.  It’s a good read.  There were some things in there that I didn’t know.  Which isn’t saying much since, like I said, I don’t know much about her.

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