Teen Set Ablaze For Snitching

You guys heard of Michael Brewer, yet?

Michael Brewer is a fifteen year old living in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  With second and third degree burns on sixty five percent of his body.  A ventilator breathes for him and it takes doctors about four hours to change his bandages.  The doctors refuse to make any predictions about whether or not he’ll pull through.

What happened?

I’m kinda confused about the whole video game thing.  He bought? borrowed? stole? broke? some kid’s video game and was supposed to pay the kid $40.  When Michael didn’t pay up, the kid stole Mike’s father’s bicycle.  Apparently, Michael didn’t have anything worth $40 the kid wanted.

Michael turned the kid in.  Said kid was arraigned and released.

So Michael’s just bee-bopping along when the kid he snitched on, the kid’s brother and three other boys from their neighborhood doused Michael with an accelerant and lit him on fire.

I’m really sick of that old saying “Snitches get stitches.”  Why shouldn’t the assholes that prey on us be turned in?

I mean, I couldn’t take the moral high road if I wanted to.  I’m not exactly the most law abiding citizen.  Hell, I don’t even know the majority of the laws so I wouldn’t know if I was breaking one anyway.  No stealing or killing.  Those are the ones I know and follow.

Unless I’m broke and hungry.  I don’t care if stealing’s wrong then.  The candy bar I grab on my way out the door when you’re not looking is not going to break you.  And if there are so many other broke and hungry people breaking you by stealing candy bars from you, then that’s saying something about how poor our city is.  Get involved with the local war on poverty and tell the city government to stop doing away with things that help our poor (Like the Franklin St. Clinic, for example.).

But what the hell is going on with our kids? Seriously.

This, though.  This right here? This pisses me off to no end:

A lawyer representing Denver Jarvis said she does not think her client should be charged as an adult. “The juvenile system is designed to deal with children criminally charged. Broward county has chosen to ignore the juvenile system,” attorney Valerie Small Williams told CNN.

“My client has no criminal history other than a misdemeanor trespass. I’m pretty disappointed,” Williams said.

Yeah.  Let’s charge this kid as a juvenile.  That way, he’s released at eighteen and his record is expunged.  Cause, you know, he couldn’t possibly have known what he was doing at fifteen.  I’m sorry, but eight year olds know that setting someone on fire could kill them.  Surely, you’re not suggesting that, because he doesn’t have a record, we should allow him to get away with attempted murder, are you?

Because I don’t give a shit that these kids are only fifteen (and thirteen).  They knew what kind of damage setting someone on fire could cause.  It’s one of the first things we teach our kids.  Fire burns.  Fire kills.  Don’t play with matches.  Stay away from fire.  They absolutely should be tried as adults.

And their parents should be charged with something, too.  It’s about god damn time someone start holding these jackass parents who can’t keep their fucking kids in check responsible.  Because it’s not just the kid’s fault.  If the parents were parenting, the kids would know better.

Police: Juveniles laughed after setting 15-year-old on fire
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Burned Florida teen having skin graft surgery

I’m lazy, so I only included the CNN resources.  But if you Google Michael Brewer and search around, you can find links to stories in the local news in Deerfield Beach, including a recording of the 911 calls made that day.

Lady on the tape, it’s awesome that you helped the boy.  But next time, you might want to hand the phone off to someone who has managed to remain calm and keep their wits about them.  Guaranteed, help will arrive faster.

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