Men More Suspicious Than Women

According to Wired Science, men have been hard-wired to suspect their lovers of cheating. Much the same way humans have been hard-wired to hunt and gather food and, for the most part, protect their young. A test of sixty men and eighty-nine women showed that men are more prone to questioning their significant other’s loyalty.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. While I used to nonstop cheat on my ex-fiance, the possibility that I would never crossed his mind. It always came as an utter shock to him when I sat him down to tell him that I’d retaliated against him again.

Of course, my ex-fiance also thought he was God’s gift to women. So how could he not have faith in my hopeless devotion?

Melen? Yeah, cheating is not an option. Just the thought makes me go all nauseous and want to hug him. But he worries about it sometimes.

So from my experience, it really depends on the guy.

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