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VIDEO: President Obama Openly Discusses the Senate’s Failure

“So all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.” ~@BarackObama

Stand for Democracy

Today, the U.S. Senate proved to citizens what we already knew; our democracy is a farce. Today, the people we voted into office to uphold our rights and legislative desires voted against 90% of Americans’ demand for comprehensive, common sense gun control.

If you’re for a democracy where the legislators you voted into office will stand up for your beliefs, your desires, your rights, vote in your local election in 2014, and vote these Senators out.

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(Shutterstock/Christos Georghiou)

Communication Breakdown: The not-so-fine line between insulting and informative.

A while back, I joined UniteBlue. It’s a website and a Twitter group founded by Zach Green to connect American liberals. While I wouldn’t call myself a Democrat, per se (personally, I’m up to my ears in frustration with all established American political parties), my views are generally just left of center, and I love debating politics with those who know how to have an ethically sound debate. So I figured why not?

As is usually my way, aside from following everyone I can (until they don’t follow back), I’ve mostly just lurked, testing the waters. “Lurking” on Twitter, for me, is following interesting conversations back to the very first tweet. This can take all day.

I rarely make it to the first tweet, because there’s almost always something that catches my eye, and I end up veering off in a different direction. Which also can take all day. This is not as counterproductive as it sounds, because I’m a freelance writer, and following other people’s conversations often gives me topics to write about. Like today.

Yesterday, while stalking my fellow UniteBlue members, I came across a marriage equality debate during which some guy said homosexuality is a behavior, therefore it is not something the government should regulate. Read more »


Of all the things to be mad at Google over, you chose a doodle?

Sunday, as you know, was Easter. Easter is, currently, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Despite the fact that Christian scholars don’t agree on what time of year this actually happened, we celebrate Easter in Spring.

You’re wondering why I said Easter is “currently” the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

As it turns out, Easter wasn’t always the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. In fact, most of the Easter traditions today (dying eggs, egg hunts, “Easter grass”, and even the resurrection itself) are based on decidedly Pagan traditions, and a Pagan holiday meant to celebrate Spring and the renewal of life. The Pagan celebration is known as Ostara, after the goddess, and is spelled Ēastre in Western Saxon English.  Read more »

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